showerwell_lucida_smc_shower_combo_smcsttenr189_54ab56a274646Clients have been asking for bigger shower options and we have delivered. Introducing the largest shower combo’s available on the market today. The SMC (Short Matt Compression) combo’s are based around a new tray that is pressed not moulded. This means they won’t warp or twist and allows us to offer these new larger sizes.

We now have 1800×900 1600×900 1400×900 1200×900 and 1000×1000 in both two and three sided configurations. These are also available with either an acrylic liner or our unique TileSafe semi rigid waterproof liner. This is a no fuss no mess system that we install and guarantee.

You can tile directly onto the TileSafe liner and achieve a stylish double tiled shower in much less time and choose from a selection of doors.

Product Profile – SMC Combo’s – More information >

Building Information models- SMC Combo’s


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